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In August 1964, the former Recreation Director Reeves Nawoosky (Comanche) planned a year end celebration after a successful summer of recreation activities in Fort Hall. The event was called a social powwow that drew in many young and old dancers and local drum groups to celebrate.

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Spirit Joseph Wadsworth

Shoshone-Bannock Festival Parades

The Fort Hall Festival Parade Committee, thank you for being a part of the Fort Hall Festival Children’s day parade and/or festival parade. In hopes that our parades will be fun and safe for all spectators and participants we have set forth rules and guidelines to follow.


Parade Route 2022


Shoshone-Bannock Festival Map

Festival 2019 MapFestival 2019 Map

The picture is the overall layout of the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival Grounds. The layout include the Dance Arbor, Arts & Craft Vendors locations, Food vendor locations, Softball Fields, Hand game Arbor, Rodeo Grounds, Parade Route, Skate Jam Location, Public Medical Services availability, EMS location at the pow wow grounds, designated RV camping only locations (reminder there are no services available on the grounds - no electricity, water hook-up or dump station), designated parking locations, Indian relay staging locations, Rodeo campers area.

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Fort Hall Indian Relay


The Indian Relay races have long since been a part of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes culture. The sport actually originated here on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation over a hundred years ago. Many families that participated in the sport decades ago are still participating and passing this legacy on from generation to generation.

The Indian Relay teams consist of three horses and four team members (1 rider, 1 catcher (Mugger), and 2 holders). The rider must complete a lap with each horse riding bareback. The rider must dismount without any help from their team mates and without losing control of their horses. .

Shoshone-Bannock Festival Disclaimer

Shoshone Bannock Tribes, the Fort Hall Rodeo and Festival Committees are not responsible for accidents, divorces, marriages, lost/stolen items. The Festival Events are family oriented events. Drugs, Alcohol and Weapons are NOT ALLOWED! Violator’s will be reported to the proper authorities. The Shoshone-Bannock Festival & Tribes will not be held responsible for any damages, theft, injuries or accidents sustained while on the premises or while participating in any and all Festival activities that may occur through negligence by the individual, spectator(s), friend(s), and/or relatives. Image/performance are to be used by the Shoshone-Bannock Festival and the Media/Press, for video/film/ photography/etc., for the purpose of promotions, news, archival and other press/media related items.